Minkabu Group Agrees Comprehensive Business Partnership with Major South Korean Financial Information Vendor Thinkpool

July 21, 2016 Minkabu Inc.

Minkabu Group Agrees Comprehensive Business Partnership with Major South Korean Financial Information Vendor Thinkpool


SEOUL, KOREA and TOKYO, JAPAN, July 21, 2016 — MINKABU, INC. (“the Company”) and its subsidiary mSaaf, Inc. (“mSaaf”) have jointly announced today that they reached agreement with Thinkpool Co., Ltd (“Thinkpool”), a major South Korean financial information vendor to create a global strategic alliance, through the Company’s South Korean subsidiary Crowdbot, Inc.

This comprehensive business partnership has two main objectives:
1) Joint expansion of Minkabu’s investor-oriented social media service “Sharewise” into the South Korean market
2) Expansion of Thinkpool’s financial information solutions into the Japanese market through mSaaf.

In South Korea, almost all securities companies have their own internet distribution channels. The level of market participation by individual investors is one of the highest in the world, and there are numerous solutions that are not currently provided by Japanese securities firms. In this market, as the operator of one of South Korea’s largest financial portal sites “Thinkpool.com”, and as a B2B vender of solutions for Korean securities firms, Thinkpool has rolled out a range of applications over its many years in the industry. Thinkpool is currently expanding its business operations in the B2B securities brokerage-oriented solutions sector, with a focus on financial information solutions utilizing AI and computer algorithms, and is becoming a one of South Korea’s leading FinTech (financial technology) companies.


The “Sharewise” service (https://sharewise.com/) is currently offered in English, German, French and Indonesian, and covers over 20 stock markets worldwide. The service is designed to create a vibrant global community that connects individual investors’ local knowledge of markets. Minkabu intends to collaborate with local service providers in developing this service. With the joint operation with Thinkpool, the operator of one of South Korea’s largest financial portals, the Company plans to launch Sharewise with Korean language services in 2016. By establishing ID linkage and mutual click-through links with Thinkpool.com and its partner sites, the Company seeks to achieve rapid adoption and widespread expansion of its services in South Korea.

As part of the partnership agreement, mSaaf will obtain the exclusive right to offer Thinkpool’s financial information solutions in Japan. In addition to the B2B solutions leveraging the major financial information portal of its parent company “Minna no kabushiki” (Minkabu) (http://minkabu.jp) and the affiliated financial information site “Kabutan” (http://kabutan.jp/), mSaaf will also provide solutions incorporating the various services offered by Thinkpool to securities firms in Japan.

Minkabu’s president & CEO, Ken Uryu, made the following comment, “Thinkpool has firmly established itself in South Korea and I am confident that it will be the best partner for us as we launch Sharewise in that country. Thinkpool offers a range of finance-related solutions that effectively use artificial intelligence technologies and are rated highly by major South Korean securities firms. South Korea is recognized as a global leader for online transactions with numerous sophisticated solutions not yet available in Japan. I feel greatly honored that Minkabu has the trust and confidence of a such a highly respected industry player in receiving the exclusive right to provide solutions offered by Thinkpool in Japan. I’m sure that the scope of business cooperation between Thinkpool and Minkabu will soon go well beyond Korea and Japan and will expand to cover the entire world.”

Thinkpool’s CEO Dong-Jin Kim also commented on the partnership saying, “I am very happy for Thinkpool as it enters into partnership with Minkabu, which has built a strong and powerful global network. Together with Minkabu, we will not only successfully launch Sharewise in Korea, but also drive the deployment of a diverse range of financial solutions in Japan utilizing an AI infrastructure – a technology already validated in Korea. Our selection of Minkabu as our partner in offering our financial solutions in Japan was based on the extreme potential we see in Group’s global network. We will continue to challenge ourselves in developing sophisticated and globally competitive financial solutions, while at the same time continuing to penetrate global markets through our partnership with Minkabu.

About Thinkpool – Thinkpool (http://info.thinkpool.com/home/main.do) develops software and databases, and provides online information. The company was established in 1994, and was renamed Thinkpool Co., Ltd in 2003.

About Minkabu – Minkabu (https://minkabu.global/) is a technology company that integrates investor sentiment with capital markets data to provide financial analytical solutions to investors through its subsidiaries around the globe. The company also provides financial and economic news distribution and media support services and investment advisory services in Japan. Since its founding in 2006, Minkabu has acquired nine companies, established a strong presence in Europe, Japan and China and expects, through the acquisition of Stockhouse publishing, Ltd., to develop a significant presence in North America. It recently announced that it has secured the right to acquire a majority stake in wallstreet:online AG to strengthen its presence in Europe.

About mSaaf – mSaaf (https://msaaf.co.jp/)is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minkabu that provides high-quality solution systems for financial institutions on the back of solid technological capabilities. The company has expanded its areas of expertise to include commodity futures and foreign exchange information solutions in addition to equity securities information when it acquired Investec Inc. in March 2016. The company was renamed mSaaf from InterStructure in July 2016.

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